Irony Strikes… My Productivity Sinks as we Launch RescueTime

Let me be clear…  My productivity has SOARED since I’ve started using RescueTime a few months back (when it was early alpha and we had 3 users).

But we JUST shot out a small batch of our first beta invites and my productivity has sunk to a new low.

To give you a bit of background, I have a pretty diverse role at RescueTime.  I wrangle pixels, create prototypes, dabble in flash, do some light rails work, etc.  Because Robby and Joe are generally pretty pegged with the technical heavy-lifting, I bravely volunteer to do any sort of PR and customer interaction stuff.

The funny thing is that when you actually have customers and you go out of your way to be contact-able, they contact you.  And because we’ve invited a lot of the more enthusiastic people on the waiting list, we’ve gotten a LOT of really amazing feedback (and I try to answer any feedback that isn’t anonymous).  Add to that our swanky new people-powered customer service site at GetSatisfaction, and I’m spendng a ton of time talking to people.  Which is actually pretty darn productive, when you think about it (okay, I feel better now).

More beta invites should be shooting out over the next week or so– the server is handling the volume pretty well (which was our main concern).  Stay tuned!

2 Comments on “Irony Strikes… My Productivity Sinks as we Launch RescueTime”

  1. espen says:

    you’re looking at this from the wrong angle tony: tag all communication-apps/sites such as thunderbird/gmail/g-apps with “productive” and maybe even “happyness” – continue to keep your users feeling special and happy (writing them emails back), and feel great when checking your datas to see just how productive you’ve been (and how much happyness you’ve produced)! you’re darn right its productive talking with people! 🙂 thanks a lot for always getting back personally, and for a great service. love peoplepowered cs (getsatisfaction) by the way.

  2. Tony Wright says:

    That’s a great way to look at it, Espen! Sometimes I measure productivity by focus… How much I stick to single tasks. Probably wrong to get to set on that idea… Though I wouldn’t mind a quiet day or two!