More Invites Rolling Out and Upcoming Features

Been a while since we shot out a blog post.  Here are a few newsbits:

  • We’re rolling out a lot of beta invites over the coming days after a fair bit of work to make sure that RescueTime can support a large number of users.
  • I’ve added an RSS feed to the right hand side of this blog showing the most recently active topics from our customer support site.  That’s our first line of defense for support, feature requests, and the like– head on over and join the conversation!
  • We’re working on a few new (and exciting) features to insure that our users have full control over their own data (and their privacy!)
    • Data deletion controls.  Users are going to have the power to nuke any data that they want to.  Whether you are visiting risque sites, heading over to to search for jobs at work, or you just have some funky data because our service is acting up– you have the ability to control it.
    • Data ignore controls.  You can set RescueTime to ignore an application that might be skewing your data.  Certain 3rd party screensavers and cool stuff like SETI@Home might result in your computer thinking you are spending “time” on applications that really aren’t being used.  If it’s not a 1-time problem, then the delete controls might not be enough.

Next up on the block in terms of features will be centered around group offerings– allowing team members to see how they are working in the context of a group whether it’s a work team or just a group of friends.