Another Round of Invites Out and More to Come

Thanks to the thousands of people who have signed up for our beta for their patience.  We recently made some big strides with our scalability– we’re trying hard to make sure that new RescueTime users are greeted with a zippy and reliable service.

Here are a few of the most recent RescueTime features:

  • A weekly email summary of your data.  This is the first step (and it’s optional) towards allowing RescueTime users the ability to get at their data without visiting RescueTime.  Next steps here include widgets (iGoogle & NetVibes), an API (for fellow geeks who’d like to roll their own apps with their data), and more.
  • Ignore Apps!  Many people run apps that they don’t really want recorded…  SETI@Home, 3rd party screensavers, remote access tools, etc.  If there’s anything like this that’s mucking up your data, you can set it to be ignored and it will never make it to your data.  Clean and tidy!
  • Delete Data.  Privacy is a huge concern for us, and we take the trust our users have put in us pretty seriously.  Any and all records on the site now have a delete option.  Are you concerned that you just surfed a job search web site at work?  Kill the data if you want.  It won’t make you look productive (it will basically look like idle time), but you’ll sleep better.  🙂

Here are a few things on the horizon:

  • Bugfixes galore (obviously).  We’re seeing a LOT less bug reports of late (while at the same time inviting new users in greater numbers), which is a great sign!
  • Support for users who are behind proxy servers. Many of our new users would like to use RescueTime at work but can’t because they are behind a proxy server.
  • RescueTime Public Groups.  This is our most exciting upcoming feature! We’ll be creating public groups that anyone can join, allowing them to see how they compare to other people in the group. Groups like “freelance web designers”, “startup web programmers”, and “professional bloggers” should reveal some interesting data!
  • RescueTime Pro.  This will be our premium offering, designed for businesses and teams that want to enhance their productivity with RescueTime.
    • Create private groups that are as big or as small as you want…  A company could have a group for all employees as well as groups by department.
    • Compare how you spend your time with other people on your team.
    • View the aggregate data of the group over time (is your team getting overrun with meetings? Buried in email?  Now you’ll have proof!)

If anyone (whether they are a manager or not) is interested in participating in the RescueTime Pro functionality beta test drop me a line (