New RescueTime Goals and Alerts Actually Helps Rescue your Time

Last week I received an interesting request from a friend:

1:19:10 PM friend: My boss has requested that you run a report: ‘select count(*) from [pages visited table] where [url visited]=’’

He was joking, but it got me thinking about the question of how much time is spent on various apps and sites. So I ran some more queries and found that so far, RescueTime users have spent:

Don’t worry – there’s no way for anyone to know which users go where or do what, but this information in aggregate is pretty nifty. It really makes you wonder how much of this time is wasted time.

Up until now, RescueTime’s been good about letting you know where you spend (or waste!) your time, but it’s really been up to you to do something about it. Last night we launched some new features that can actively start helping you to reach your goals.

Introducing Goals and Alerts!

Now you can set goals that you’d like to try to meet:


    See how you’re doing through the day, week, or month:picture-1.png

    And be alerted when you meet or exceed a goal via email, RSS, or SMS:picture-4.png

    We also changed the look of the graphs to be cleaner and easier to read as part of some larger interface improvements we’ll be making to the site in the coming weeks.

    We hope you like the new stuff. As always, let us know what you think using our built-in feedback form or on satisfaction. Goals and alerts was one of our most requested features and we’re working on more additions and improvements already.

    7 Comments on “New RescueTime Goals and Alerts Actually Helps Rescue your Time”

    1. Ivan Kirigin says:


      Idea: aggregate goals into a group competition.

      Everyone in my group sets a goal:
      – 10 hours of dev per day.
      – <1 hour of waste a day

      Public embarrassment (or agreed upon monetary benefits/punishments)

      This requires aligned tagging. I use dev, comms, waste, overhead.

      Goal feature request: fractional hours. 0.50 hours is already too much.

    2. The aggregate data is absolutely fantastic! And fun! And interesting! It would be great to have a simple RescueTime Index page (like Harper’s Index.)

      You could roll up by Day, Week, Month, and Year…

    3. Zviki Cohen says:

      Looks great. Nice UI.

      It would be useful to set weekly goals as well. E.g., I need to spend at least 2 hours per week on my blog, doesn’t matter when.

    4. Avi Marcus says:

      Goals sound awesome!
      Possible to have the site email a warning x minutes before you go over your goal?

    5. Zviki Cohen says:

      @Avi – you can actually think about something more complex that will predict, according to your recent work habits, whether your going to make it or not.

      For example, I want to spend 8 hours a day on work. I usually finish my work related stuff around 8:00pm. Hence, if at 6:00pm I covered only 6 hours of work, I’m gone miss my goal, unless I’ll dedicate the next 2 hours to my work.

    6. syahidali says:

      A really nice addin. Looking forward to check it out.

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