Big Thanks to our Users!

When we got TechCrunched and Lifehacker’d in the span of a day or two, we were pretty stunned by the traffic (and the interest) that the coverage generated.

I just glanced at our Google Analytics account and noticed that we are seeing daily traffic at about 50% of what we had on our biggest “avalanche” days around our launch.  To put it another way– With zero ongoing marketing/PR effort, we are seeing about 50% of what a combined TC/LH dumped on us…  Every single day!

A big thanks to all the people who talk, blog, and twitter about us (or whatever else it is you people are doing to let people know that we exist– ’cause we sure aren’t doing anything!).

One Comment on “Big Thanks to our Users!”

  1. curtis says:

    Great products/services seem to have a way of rising to the top…

    Keep up the great work!