Google owns 13% of me

I’m building some new screenshots today of the new-and-improved RescueTime UI and did a double-take when I was taking a screenshot…  On a lark, I decided to tag all Google sites as “Google” so that I could see just how much Google dominated my online life.

(For non-RescueTimers, RescueTime essentially allows me to track all of my computer behavior to see exactly how I spend my time.  I can then categorize each app and site with tags)

So, for me, here’s a rough breakdown of how I tag Google stuff (we just launched the ability to differentiate between various Google services… did you know that?):

Gmail: work, google, comm
Reader: personal, news, google
Analytics: work, marketing, google
Maps: google
Search: google, research
Calendar: work, google
Bookmarks: google

By tagging each of these things as “google”, it allows me to gauge just how much Google has taken over my life (at least the part that involves sitting in front of a computer).

Below is the graph of my total time since I started using RescueTime.  Note that this is COMPUTER time– not browser time:


If you’d like a little more granularity, here is how much Google consumed my day in January of 08:


Pretty damn amazing.

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  1. dmix says:

    I found this post and RescueTime through

    I’m relieved I did. I was thinking about making this exact application.