Wanted: Windows users to perform Alpha testing

I have been working on a few significant modifications to the Windows Data Collector that I would like to get a handful of Windows users involved with.


If you are interested in helping out, please head over to the forum post on the subject.


Based on Alpha tester feedback, we will release the new data collector when we feel it is ready (hopefully in a day or two).


Windows Data Collector – 0.9.9 (Currently in Alpha testing)



* Dramatically reduced physical memory footprint for RescueTime.exe. Physical memory should now be around 2 MB (vs 32 MB) during most operations. Physical memory will jump to 11 MB when uploading log files to the RescueTime server, but should drop back down to the 2 MB range after the upload completes. Note, Virtual Memory numbers are not affected by this change, which will still report roughly 32 MB, mostly due to the way .Net framework allocates memory.


* Additional large file checks to prevent files larger than 1,000K from being sent to the RescueTime.com server.


* Removed updater service. This has been causing a number of our users issues and I don’t think we are seeing a whole lot of benefit from it. RescueTime will still check for updates upon startup and through the “Check for updates” menu option.


New Features:


* URL support for Opera


* URL support for Flock