Best Customer Feedback Ever

If you’re a RescueTime user, you’ve come to know (and hopefully love) our little feedback widget.  If you’re not a RescueTime user, here’s a look at it:


On some days we get dozens of notes a day through this widget (we try to respond to some of them, but if you need help the forum or contact page is a much safer bet).

Invariably, a few of these notes simply consist of praise and thanks.  Here are two from this weekend (from two different users):

from    A RescueTime User <>
date    Feb 9, 2008 1:27 PM

great site!

put some adsense here and i’ll click it every time i come here!

And this one wins the award for best feedback we’ve ever gotten:

from    A RescueTime User <>
date    Feb 8, 2008 9:32 PM

“I’ve been waitiiiiiggg… for a tool like youuuu… to come intoooo my liiiffffee!”

Kidding aside, emails like these (and the accelerating user growth we’re seeing every week) are simply huge for our morale.  Not a lot of people know this, but Joe, Brian and I quit out jobs in January to work on RescueTime full time.  We’ve received a smidge of funding from YCombinator, but it we literally have no paychecks in our forseeable future.  We’ll never put ads on RescueTime, but we appreciate being “paid” with nice emails like these and spreading the word (both online and offline).

2 Comments on “Best Customer Feedback Ever”

  1. Ivan Kirigin says:

    Why not embed the feedback widget in this blog post?

    I too WISH there were some way to give back to the free tools I love 😉

    Maybe some day.

  2. Ivan Kirigin says:

    Feedback: emoticons are not to be translated into cartoons. :,-(