Widgets are Here! (and more)

This morning we pushed live another new RescueTime update – both to the website and to the Windows data collector. There are some big additions and some subtle changes. Let me hit the highlights.



We added a widget builder page where you can go and create embeddable widgets of your RescueTime graphs. You can add them to your blog or website to show off how productive you are or motivate yourself to keep busy! We’ve heard somewhere that the fear of public failure is one of the best motivators, but I like to think about it as the satisfaction of public success. You can add your own title, pick your date range, and even set the colors to whatever you want (and make them shiny!). You can either go directly to the widget page or use the handy embed button to link to a builder for the exact graph you want.


You can see Tony’s widget on his personal blog. Widgets were ranked pretty high on our new feature request survey and we’re excited about them. I hope you are, too.

Other Website Enhancements

We’ve condensed the pages a bit, removing some whitespace and shrinking the header. We think this uses the available space better. I’ve also made some small changes that were frequently requested in feedbacks like remembering which tag slices you pick on the bottom graph on the dashboard, and allowing you to enter fractional values in goals (now you can have half hour goals, or 10 minute goals).

Windows Data Collector Updates

Joe has been really busy fixing bugs and adding new features to the data collector, here’s a list of fixes:

  • Dramatically reduced physical memory footprint for RescueTime.exe. Physical memory should now be around 2 MB (vs 32 MB) during most operations. Physical memory will jump to 11 MB when uploading log files to the RescueTime server, but should drop back down to the 2 MB range after the upload completes.
  • Additional large file checks to prevent files larger than 1,000K from being sent to the RescueTime.com server.
  • Removed updater service. This has been causing a number of our users issues and I don’t think we are seeing a whole lot of benefit from it. RescueTime will still check for updates upon startup and through the “Check for updates” menu option.

And here are the new features:

  • URL support for Opera
  • URL support for Flock

So now RescueTime uses less of your computer’s resources (well, it wasn’t really using them before but it looked that way) and supports Opera and Flock on Windows. Awesome.

That’s it! We’re already working on a new batch of improvements and new features (as always) so keep checking this blog for updates.

5 Comments on “Widgets are Here! (and more)”

  1. Thor Marius K.H says:

    Great news!

    Two nice blog entries in two days, great. 😛

    Well, I’ll use it as usually and take my feedback hammer out from my desk.

    Again, great news. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the updates!

    Were the results of the feature request survey ever publicly published?

    I’d be curious how long a wait we should anticipate for the ability to track which files and/or folders are being used in the active application so that we can track client projects with ease.

    *nudge* *nudge* 😉

  3. Tony Wright says:

    We never did publish the results of our feature survey… But files/directory intelligence came in 3rd place. We’re on it!

    Unfortunately, it’s a pretty tough nut to crack. Rather than focus on that heavily, we’re going to nudge it along as we make a bunch of easier improvements. But don’t fret. That just means you’ll see it in months (instead of weeks). But it WILL be soon. Stay tuned!

  4. ToddZ says:

    URL resolution for Opera? Really? Everything I browse in Opera is recorded as “Unknown URL” for me.

  5. tomkacy says:

    I stilll have some problems with Opera data.
    In ‘debug’ there are many comunicates as:
    2008-03-26 08:00:11
    Error: The client failed to request “opera|WWW_GetWindowInfo!sURL”.
    When I see my statistics it looks underestimated (all Opera pages, IE and FF seems to work fine).
    I have recent version (update section shows this).