Application Names in RescueTime

(We’re working on a REALLY amazing idea for RescueTime…  It’s hard to tear myself away for a blog post.  So this one will be short and sweet)

RescueTime gets the display names for applications in a pretty standard way.  Unfortunately, applications are anything but standard in the way they report their names.  We had a pretty helpful report from a user telling us that some of his most-used applications were showing with some pretty ugly names, like “powerpnt”, “uedit32”, and “visio”.

Brian Fioca (our local Ruby on Rails god) has whipped up a simple admin tool for us to provide “friendly” names for any app.  In the past, we had to manually edit the database (which is a little unweildy).

So- If you have ANYTHING in your RescueTime data that has an ugly name, leave a comment here or drop us a line –

9 Comments on “Application Names in RescueTime”

  1. Thor Marius K.H says:

    Could we get a peak on the new feature? 😮

    Because, all my applications name are bad. There are no applications that look simply nice.
    I’ll sticky to my previous idea, which involves a sort of wiki-style method that enables anyone to change the name.
    Then, everyone would be able to contribute, and after a while you’d end up with a database with loads of applications that other people might be able to use, for the work of finding an app that can do that job.

    Great job though. 🙂

  2. Stephen says:

    I play EVE Online, and I’m pretty sure it shows up as simply exefile, which isn’t very helpful at all, I figure that that’s it because of how much time I spend on it. I can’t wait to be able to give proper names to my programs! Also, you guys working on a linux client anytime soon? I use that more than windows (home vs work) and I’d like to be able to monitor my computer use everywhere.

    No matter what, you guys have an awesome project going on, keep up the good work!

  3. Michael Hawksworth says:

    I think you might want to allow some form of bulk submission or maybe a button next to the entry in tag maintenance to allow submission of alternatives.

    The catch is that some names may duplicate for different peoples apps and then they will want their own names available, which while cool would ramp up your work and storage requirements.


  4. Being able to override the application name in the end user interface would be nice indeed. And getting feedback what overrides other people are using would be even better.

  5. Mark Barnes says:

    My ugly names are:

    ldls = Libronix
    feeddemon = FeedDemon
    mspub = MS Publisher
    javaw = Java (the Windows RTE)
    bc2 = Beyond Compare
    vncviewer = VNC Viewer
    bibblelite = Bibble Lite
    quicktimeplayer = Quicktime
    wmplayer = Windows Media Player
    vproconsole = Norton Ghost
    junglediskmonitor = Jungle Disk
    winhttrack = HTTrack
    dppviewer = Digital Photo Professional
    vemotion = V-Emotion
    wuauclt = Windows Update

  6. Balaji Dutt says:

    Hey guys,

    Really liking the new efficiency and productivity feature – though enthused by that, I’m tagging a whole bunch of stuff that’s gonna kill my numbers 😉

    Anyhow, to business – I have a program called Game Collector by that shows up in RG as gameco~1. Could you work your admin magic on it please?

  7. Qrystal says:

    I just noticed how nice things are looking, now that there are friendly names for apps in the list! Niiiice!!! I’ve found a few more to help you out:

    avginet – AVG updater
    djvuviewer – DjVu Viewer
    dwwin – Doctor Watson Error Reporting
    foxitr~1 – Foxit Reader
    hh – ….no idea, actually, hmm….
    helpctr – ….probably Windows Help Center?
    journal4 – The Journal
    keepass – KeePass
    lxbkaiox – Lexmark All-In-One Center
    lxbkbmgr – Lexmark..something
    lxbkjswx – Lexmark…..something else
    lyxc – LyX
    options – …..not sure, but I’ve got almost a minute this week!
    outpost – Agnitum Outpost Firewall
    winrar – WinRAR
    xnview – XnView

    Kudos on the excellent service and fantastic improvements!

  8. Via says:

    thank you people, a great tool you have made

    tod_e_demo = “Typing of the Dead” demo
    passcards = RoboForm (password manager)
    avgw = AVG Antivirus (update window)
    gphotos.scr = Google Image search
    foxitr~1 = Foxit Reader (.pdf reader)
    configtsxp = TaskSwitchXP.exe = Google Desktop Search
    zlclient = ZoneAlarm firewall

    RunDLL32 = ?
    mmc = MS “administrative tools” (Microsoft Management Console)

  9. Simon says:

    editplus –> EditPlus
    TortoiseProc –> TortoiseSVN