Holy Moley – RescueTime Hack to Track Meetings and Phone Calls

There is a cool feature that Twitter has that allows you to “track” a word or phrase and get a notification anytime ANYONE twitters about it.  Of course the first word we started tracking was “RescueTime”.

The last couple of days we’ve seen some Tweets from a fellow named Carlo…  I kept meaning to drop him a line but the notifications always seemed to happen when I was away from my computer.

Lo and behold, in the span of just a few days Carlo has learned to love AppleScript.  More importantly, he has created a cool tool to allow you to push meeting and phone call data to RescueTime with just a click or two (Mac only).  Big shout out to Carlo!

Check out the details here

If you’re desperate to have such a thing for Windows, let us know in the comments or in our forum.

2 Comments on “Holy Moley – RescueTime Hack to Track Meetings and Phone Calls”

  1. Thanks for the link and post!

    Just for the record (my reputation as coder is in risk): I still don’t love Applescript, it just allowed me to get the job done. 😉


  2. nikos says:

    One vote for meeting feature in windows! thankS!