Irony Attacks

Earlier today, I posted a short blog post entitled:

“If you watch 1 video today, watch this!”

I am now reminded of the old adage: “No one likes irony when it happens to them.”

Shortly after that post, I was alerted that someone was Twittering about RescueTime (I get a few of these a day with Twitter’s obscure but very cool track feature) . The tweet went a little something like this. For you lazy not-willing-to-click-types, here’s the full tweet:

uploading video review of RescueTime (time management software) to the usual suspects (youtube, google video, facebook, myspace, my blog, etc.)

It turns out that Elizabeth Potts Weinstein (a “mompreneur”!) is a financial consultant/coach, author of a cool electronic magazine– and apparently can make a much better screencast/demo than I can. 🙂

So… If you only watch *2* videos today, watch this one too!

2 Comments on “Irony Attacks”

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    (and, I’m so excited to learn about the twitter track feature …)

    – Elizabeth

  2. Chris says:

    Seems the video link is broken… ?