New RescueTime Release!

We did a major release last night, which resulted in a scheduled downtime between 6pm and 10pm PST.  Because of the way RescueTime works, this shouldn’t result in you losing any time.  Here’s a quick overview of what we did:

Bulk Tagging!

One of the most common pieces of feedback we get is that the act of tagging/categorizing the many apps and sites that people use can be pretty time consuming. While we have lots of improvements in mind to make this less time consuming (we’re trying to SAVE time, after all!), we’ve just released our first effort.

Here’s a rough screenshot:


And here’s what it would look like if you clicked “add/edit tags”:


Speed and Scalability

It’s hard to show how important this is, but to give you an idea, the load on our database server is currently 1/6th of what it was yesterday.  This is the second time we’ve dug in to try to eek out some more performance out of our three little servers and the improvement is dramatic.  What this means for you, dear user, is that the site is faster and that RescueTime (as a business) doesn’t have to be buried in server and hosting costs.  In the long run, this means more time and money to do what we want to do– support our users and improve our product.  It also means that we can offer cheaper prices for any premium offering that might be coming down the road.

Lots and Lots of Bug Fixes and Improvements

Big props to our users for identifying the bugs that manage to slip by us.  There are literally dozens of little fixes in this release that I can directly attribute to a user (or a lot of users!) dropping us a line to let us know.   Keep it coming!

3 Comments on “New RescueTime Release!”

  1. Thor Marius K.H says:

    Subject to be downloaded and reviewed immediately.

    Hehe. Thanks for another great update!

  2. Zviki Cohen says:

    As much as I love what you’ve done with your site, you’re quickly approaching the “more is less” zone.

    This feature is great for marking those “time fragments”. The question remains: is this really necessary? Sure, I will usually have a couple of new sites per day which I didn’t tag before. I will head over there to read an article, spend a few minutes and I don’t mind that they’re not tagged. I will tag them once they become a habit.

    So, I don’t see the great necessity of this “multi tagging”. I’m sure it’s easy to implement, but it also makes you’re UI a bit heavier on the eyes. Is this worth it?

  3. Tony Wright says:

    Hey Zviki- I kinda feel the same as you, which is why we built it in a pretty lightweight way! As much as we try to tell people that they don’t have to tag EVERYTHING, a lot of people really want to (and we get hit every day with people asking for the feature).

    We’ve got some stuff cooking that will reduce the “noise” for simplicity nuts like you and I.