RescueTime Users are Talkin’

The blog has been a touch quiet lately… We’re buried in one of the bigger RescueTime releases to date and we’re chatting with potential investors. But I wanted to offer a shout out to a few users who have been making RescueTime shine:

  • Robert Strazzarino has whipped up a RescueTime Yahoo Widget. For those who don’t know about Yahoo Widgets, they are basically swanky little widgets that live on your desktop. Check it out!

  • Ben Bleikamp has blogged about RescueTime, calling us the “most useful web app ever”! While I think this honor probably goes to Google Search (or maybe Wikipedia), I cannot overstate how much posts like this motivate us. Here are a few choice quotes from Ben:“I have used Basecamp, Campfire, Google Calendar, Gmail, Newsvine, and others. They all have their purposes, but I could easily find a replacement for any of them. RescueTime is by far the most impressive tool I’ve found in a long time.”and:“The point of RescueTime isn’t to show you that you’re a slacker. It shows you, without remorse, how much time you spend in each application or on each task while you’re at your computer. If you take the information and use it to figure out how to save time or maximize time, it will help you in the long run. You’ll be able to spend more time focusing on the tasks that make you the most money or earn you the best grades. “
  • Danielle Morrill blogged about us with the tear-jerking (for us, anyways) title of “I Love You, RescueTime. You Make my Life Better“. It’s hard to pick a quote from the post that we love most, but here’s my best effort:

    “I just was getting caught up with my other beloved new toy, Google Reader, and found out that RescueTime is funded by Y Combinator. For some reason, I had the impression RescueTime was much further along as a company – considering their product ROCKS MY WORLD and looks so polished.”
    (okay, I’m the UI guy, so I had to go with the quote that says, “looks so polished”)

  • Megan, with her “Megan vs. the Internets” blog, is on the “slow road away from Internets addiction”. Proudly displaying her real-time RescueTime widget in the sidebar, she says:

    “RescueTime is an amazing webapp that snoops on your computer usage and puts the data in a taggable online web interface for you to share and organize how you like. You can even set goals for computer usage. It’s the first time I’ve INVITED big brother into mah house for dinner. Don’t worry, I made sure he signed a privacy notice. It’s all good, at least until the divorce; then ALL bets are OFF. I just want to keep the good china, and his CD collection. It’s better than mine.”

Thanks much to all– it’s stuff like this that has me inside working on Easter (when it’s sunny and 70 degrees outside!).