Big RescueTime Release (Auto-tagging, Groups Beta, and Privacy Features)

It’s been a long release for RescueTime, but we’re pretty excited about some of the new features that we’ve rolled out as of tonight. Other than lots and lots of tiny improvements and fixes, here are some highlights:

  • Autotagging: Not a few people have mentioned that calling RescueTime “ridiculously easy” was a touch ironic, given the amount of overhead involved with tagging/categorizing apps and sites. Our standard response was that it’s okay to NOT tag the sites you visit for a minute or two, but there are plenty of people who wanted everything tagged. For these tagging die-hards (and for the rest of us!) we now have autotagging, which can be used on your list of untagged apps and sites. Autotagging allows you to automagically tag apps and sites based on the tags that other people have used for that entity… With a strong bias towards tags that you’ve already used. It’s a great option for the “long tail” – apps and sites that you’ve spent just a few minutes on which add up to a significent amount of time. We still recommend manually tagging the big stuff– this is just a great way to classify a big chunk of the little stuff.
  • Groups Beta: We’ve launched groups! RescueTime Groups allow you to look at data from a collection of users, which can offer some really interesting trend and aggregate data. It also allows you to compare how you’re spending your time versus the average team member. On a Group dashboard, users can ONLY see the aggregate/average data and their own data… Which means that the your personal data is not easily scrutinized by other team members (or even managers if RescueTime is used in a business setting). Of course, as Jon points out on our forum, a small group has some privacy implications (WhiteLists are a good way to go if for groups where this is a concern). Groups are free for up to 5 people, and cost $12.95/mo (per user) for larger groups. The first 30 days cost nothing and are obligation free. If you already have a RescueTime account, you can click the new “Groups” button and take it for a spin. Groups is in “beta”, which means that we have a lot more in store on this front. If you have any ideas on how Groups could be improved, drop us a line.
  • Lots of cool privacy features. We already offer a lot on the privacy front, but we’ve just added the ability to toggle whether RescueTIme records complete URLs ( versus, OS Username, and window titles. Turning these off will limit you with some future features, but for some privacy-conscious customers, it might be worth it.

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  3. thisonedude says:

    hi there, could you talk about why you are storing all this private data serverside, instead of on a configurable location locally (e.g. stick, drive, even webDAV if must have online).
    Having users’ histories on your servers is certainly a clever way to inculcate stickiness, but as the facebook/friendconnect story is showing, users don’t like that much.