Things are Categorically New at RescueTime

The Rescue Team is proud to announce the release of a powerful new set of features for RescueTime. Here’s a quick rundown of the new goodies and improvements we launched today.


Using the collective knowledge of all of our fantastic users (especially you!), we’ve been able to derive categories for the most used applications and websites in RescueTime. We think this is an extremely powerful feature since it further reduces the need to have to manually tag your data. They also allow for much easier comparisons without a group context than tags, which can often be pretty subjective.

Categories are here for everyone, and they work right out of the box. We recently realized how audacious it is for us to try to categorize every site on the internet, and we understand that some things will probably be miscategorized at first. To remedy this, we’ll soon be offering the ability to suggest categories for things in the event that our categorization engine missed something, or got something wrong.


We’ve enhanced the colors of all RescueTime charts to convey more meaning. Red bars indicate time for things you have scored as unproductive. Bright blue bars represent time spent on things that are productive. Default RescueTime blue represents things that haven’t been scored either way. Just remember blue good (the brighter the better), red bad. You can see the color changes reflected in the category chart screenshot above.


Thanks to everyone for their feedback about the Groups beta. There are still lots of great things on the roadmap for groups, but in this release we’ve added enough improvements and fixed enough issues that we feel like we can safely remove the beta sticker. Categories make your group easier to manage, since everyone’s categories are the same across group and individual views. Navigation between groups has been improved to make it easier to tell where you are. We’ve also added the ability to overlay the individual time of any member of the group onto any of the charts in RescueTime.

For our RescueTime Plus account holders, we’ve also added the ability to see a breakdown of the time each of your team members has spent in total, or in various categories or tags. Paid account holders will see this new graph on their dashboard, and on each tag and category detail page.

If you are an existing groups user and would like to add this feature, you can go to your billing settings page and upgrade your account. We encourage you to try out these improvements and send us your thoughts. There is a 30 day trial period included with all premium registrations.

2 Comments on “Things are Categorically New at RescueTime”

  1. Ashish Bogawat says:

    Nice upgrade! The categories bit – whatever I could check in the last few minutes – looks like something that can make a big difference in how I analyze my time.

    One tiny question though. What are those gray dots in the first screenshot in this post? I haven’t seen them on my dashboard yet.

  2. forgo says:

    I believe the gray dots represent the individual user from the group that you’re currently viewing. The bars will represent either the group average or total and the gray dots will represent the actual time for the user from the group you’ve selected.