RescueTime gets Funded, Charging Forward

First off, before I lose our ADD readers, let me point you to our brand-spanking-new ongoing RescueTime Feature Discussion List, where you can add feature ideas, talk about ’em, and vote up the ones that you like (powered by our friends from Slinkset).  Okay, back to the news…

The RescueTime blog has been awful quiet of late, but we’ve been busy.

Most notably, as announced on TechCrunch last night, we’ve closed a Series A round of funding that’s going to allow us to charge forward in some pretty exciting ways.  Our great growth/traction on the business time management front made the fundraising road easier than some, but you still cannot imagine how time/energy consuming the effort is.

More Details about the Funding

True Ventures led the round (which means that they help wrangle the paperwork).  We’re in good company with True– they’ve funded some of our favorite companies, notably WordPress, GigaOm (home of Web Worker Daily, which we LOVE), and Meebo.  More importantly, their portfolio companies gush about them.  If you’re not in the startup biz, you probably don’t know how rare it is for a company to actually evangelize their VCs (most startups just pray their investors leave them alone and dread board meetings).

We’ve also involved a few fabulous angel investors.  Some are interested in keeping a low profile, but here are a few:

  • Tim Ferriss (of the 4 Hour Work Week) – The coolest part about Tim’s involvement is that he was talking about and recommending RescueTime before we ever met him!
  • Mike Koss – Mike is a leader and investor in the Seattle startup community and was one of the early pioneers at Microsoft.
  • Chris Sacca (Ex-Googler) – Chris is an investor, triathalete,  and advisor to a mess of startups.
  • Mike Seckler (formerly VP BizDev and founder of Employease) – Mike brings fabulous enterprise SaaS experience to our investment team and also gives us a connection to the east coast.

It’s probably a bit goofy, but the degree to which these guys are supporting us gives me chills.

In Other News…  Hiring!

In anticipation of closing the round and bolstered by healthy growth, we hired an outstanding developer named Montana Low (say “hi”, Montana!).  Montana had worked with Brian (our CIO) over at Jobster, and pounced on us the day we posted the position.  He’s been with us just over a week but has already made the product better.

If you haven’t otherwise seen it, RescueTime is searching for a great client-side developer.  The person we hire will work directly with our CTO to build a next-gen RescueTime Installable app, which will move beyond simply pushing data to our REST web service.  We want YOU to help us build a beautiful and powerful app for both the Mac and the PC (and support the OSS community on the Linux front).

New Features Coming Soon

As early as next we’ll be releasing some pretty exciting features that I’ve been itching to have as a RescueTime user:

  • User Controlled Filters: We’re going to allow you to toggle “viewing filters” – giving you the option to view slices of your data.  Want to see your data from JUST 8am to 5pm?  Sure.  How about just M-F?  Can do.  Weekends only? Yep.  This is a huge leap in your ability to slice-n-dice your data.
  • Simplified Scoring with social data.  Our productivity scoring is a bit complex– we’re going to make it simpler, prettier, and more social.   You’ll have a 1-stop score of how you compare to the whole RescueTime userbase…  And you can see how your score is changing over time (we all want to get more productive, right)?

So stay tuned, folks.  We’re going to be picking up speed here as our team gets a bit bigger.  As always, please don’t be shy about reaching out to us for any reason.

4 Comments on “RescueTime gets Funded, Charging Forward”

  1. WMI says:


    I just started using this app a couple weeks ago and am shocked at what I guess you would call the result audit of a “typical” work day. I’ve already been working my way up to new goals and finding this to be a great way to get there.

    Thanks for this great product.

  2. Greg Bray says:

    Congrats! I am exited to hear that new features will be coming soon. I just added the activity widget to my blog, and am preaching the gospel of Time Management with Rescue Time! :-J


  3. dan lundmark says:

    Deja Vu! The new features remind me of functionality I designed a couple years ago here