Committment To Data Integrity (read: we’re fixing stuff, our bad)

I wanted to write a quick post regarding our absolute commitment to data integrity. And what better time to do that then when we’re busy working behind the scenes to correct some data integrity problems that we discovered today.

Based on results of our validation processes after the upgrades, we found a small number of data inconsistencies for data we processed on Feb 25th and felt it was in the best interest of our users and ensuring the integrity of the data to re-run our upgrade.  No data sent has been lost and we plan on having your RescueTime data available for review as soon as possible.  Your RescueTime clients will still continue to dutifully send us accurate data, and we promise to report it back to you just as accurate  as it came in.

Thanks for your patience with this.  We’d rather fix things we broke then try to brush them under the rug and hope nobody notices.


We’ve verified a fix and are processing data for all paid accounts first.  Free account data will follow slightly behind.


Paid account data for yesterday (up to Feb 25 at 8PM PST) is all processed.  We’re now processing all free account data and everything new that has come in since then.  There will be some delayed data for the next 4 hours.  It could take a few hours to see new data until we fully catch up.  The website is now available again.


All data is current, repaired, and keeping up with live incoming client reporting. RescueTime has now returned to normal operational status.  Thanks once again for your patience.


We’ve been tracking another issue where people’s time is coming in as something different than what it had been before (ex. MS Word is now winword) and the new app/site isn’t tagged or categorized properly.  We’re taking the site down to merge the data into the correct records.  Once that’s done everyone’s data should be correct again.  We haven’t lost any time, it’s just been put in the wrong buckets.  We’re fixing the buckets.


Looks like we got everything fixed.  The website is back up.  Your data should be properly tagged and categorized once more. Many, many thanks to Montana Low, Mark Wolgemuth, and Joe Hruska for their hard work and long hours.

5 Comments on “Committment To Data Integrity (read: we’re fixing stuff, our bad)”

  1. WindPower says:

    That’s a good policy. 🙂

  2. loïc m. says:

    thx for this feedback.

  3. Zalary says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on this!

  4. srikrishnak says:

    Failures does happen and we can’t eliminate. What I am happy with RescueTime is we are getting updated about the status while the team working hard in the background.
    Best of Luck and wish to see it back soon.

  5. Did any of these fixes affect the way that the API works? It looks like the Linux version of RescueTime has suddenly ceased being able to upload as of coming back online on Friday.