RescueTime is looking for few good volunteers

RescueTime is looking for a few good volunteers to help us test out the next generation of the RescueTime installable client (version 2.0).

We expect there will be issues with the new RescueTime client and it will likely not work with all system configurations. We have done extensive testing internally and are ready to broaden our test base with a set of volunteers who don’t mind helping us out.

If you are interested in assisting in testing, head over to our GetSatisfaction forums

Features of RescueTime 2.0:

  • A simplified user interface – most settings will now be managed from the website, and for teams and businesses using RescueTime, settings can be shared account wide, greatly simplifying installation for a large number of users.
  • More accurate time recording – the new RescueTime client was built from the ground up with accuracy being our key objective. Network issues, non-responsive external applications, and other issues should no longer affect the time recording functionality of RescueTime.
  • More intelligent idle, sleep, and hibernation detection
  • Faster updates sent to your dashboard
  • A common code base between OS X and Windows – bug fixes and new features are much easier to implement
  • Enhancements for enterprise wide deployments, silent installation with response files and the ability to pass configuration information at the command line
  • Automated background updates – allow uninterrupted updates of the RescueTime client so you don’t lose any of your productive time

Specific Features of RescueTime 2.0 for OS X:

  • RescueTime should now use significantly less CPU and use slightly less memory than the 1.0 client version

Specific Features of RescueTime 2.0 for Windows:

  • RescueTime no longer depends on the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework – which means a much simpler installation process especially in the enterprise environment
  • Support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers

3 Comments on “RescueTime is looking for few good volunteers”

  1. WindPower says:

    Sounds awesome for the most part (especially the no-more .net dependency). Next (and best) thing you could add is an official Linux client. I’m having trouble getting the unofficial one to work, personally.

  2. Matt says:

    Sounds like a killer update.

  3. Ian says:

    2.0 is working great for me.