First Batch of Document / Activity Supported Applications Switched On

Last night we switched on document and activity detail tracking for several of our most popular applications. Starting last night, if you log time in these applications and have the “Collect Window and Document Titles” setting turned on (in either your v1 RescueTime Data collector or on the Monitoring Options settings page if you have the v2 Data Collector), you’ll start to see subtotals by document or activity start to show up in your details reports.


You can expand the rows for these applications to see break down by document name, or activity (like the name of the person you were chatting with for IM applications). There’s also a new Top Activities report for applications that collect detailed information, so you can see who you chat with the most, or which spreadsheets take up the most of your time. Combined with the addition of our new keyword search filter, you’ll be able to dig deeper into your time than you’ve ever been before.

Here is a list of the applications we currently support (Windows and Mac):

Development Tools and System Utilities

Interface Builder
Aquamacs Emacs
Windows Explorer
Command Prompt
Visual Studio

Chat / IM / Communication

MSN Messenger
Yahoo Messenger
Trillian IM
Adium IM

Office Applications

MS Word
MS Excel


Quicktime Player
VLC Media Player

3 Comments on “First Batch of Document / Activity Supported Applications Switched On”

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  2. Mike says:

    I’m confused about this. I’ve been using RT for about a year or more. I went to the homepage today and saw 3 different products. I believe the Solo Light account is closest to what I’ve been using since I started RT.

    The RT icon in my system tray says I’m using version I don’t see any setting for “Collect Window and Document Titles”

    Is the document tracking a pay-only feature?

    • Tony Wright says:

      Hi Mike. Going to email you to make sure I get to you, but I’ll answer here for the benefit of others.

      The blog post could’ve been a bit more clear. There are two things that are necessary to have this feature. First, you need to be using the new Data Collector (currently in beta, but it’s pretty battle-tested and currently being used by thousands of users), detailed here

      Second, it is a pay-only feature.

      Regarding the home page, we’re a lot more focused on business customers nowadays, though we’ll always have the free version!