Introducing: Business Engineering, the evolution of Business Intelligence

Define intelligence:

Intelligence is a characteristic of thinking, but it is also a thing to be acquired. This substance is different than information. Intelligence is information that has been discovered, processed, and presented in a way that encourages its other definition: disciplined, insightful thinking.

Define engineering:

Engineering is the deliberate, analytical, scientific application of intelligence to the design or modification of a system.

Business Engineering requires superior Business Intelligence

Most data floated as Business Intelligence is more accurately labeled business information. It becomes the substance Business Intelligence when superior tools expose patterns and trends that are actionable.

Business Engineering is the practice of managing decisions based on critical analysis of intelligence about internal and external factors influencing the business.

RescueTime allows businesses to tweak the previously hidden algorithms that drive productivity of workforces. Data is scientifically gathered, and innovatively processed and presented in real time.

Businesses can re-balance work loads, uncover inefficiencies, and identify stalled or unusually successful projects while they are happening. Smart managers can introduce a measure of science into management itself: easily visualized historical information exposes trends one week to the next. Try several workflow processes, prove which one works best for each team.

One Comment on “Introducing: Business Engineering, the evolution of Business Intelligence”

  1. Tony Wright says:

    We’re pretty excited about this prospect, especially as we (finally!) move in the direction of project-level tracking. We have an upcoming questionnaire about project tracking with RescueTime. Stay tuned to this blog!