Technology Overload Roundtable (video from PBS) (RescueTime mentioned)

There’s a great roundtable discussion on “Technology Overload” on a recent PBS Mediashift show featuring Leif Hansen (follow him on Twitter here: @leifhansen). The whole show is 25 minutes, but if you skip to the second video section titled “Taking Breaks” at 2 min 30 sec there’s a nice mention of RescueTime by Leif (another panelist chimes in with “It’s brilliant!”).

Technology overload is something we here at RescueTime are acutely aware of.  Every day we’re being introduced to new products and new bits of information– all of these require time.  Purveyors of distraction and “info porn” (our affectionate name for news and blogs) are scientifically optimizing their sites to grab more of our time and attention and we’re all pretty ill-equipped to deal with it.  So how are people dealing with this kind of overload?  They’re working longer hours, catching up on weekends, and taking fewer vacations.

One Comment on “Technology Overload Roundtable (video from PBS) (RescueTime mentioned)”

  1. Leif Hansen says:

    Well done guys! You offer a great service that is going to be increasingly needed as a ‘Reality Check’ for our increasingly screen-centric world. Thanks for caring and for continuing to grow such an excellent service.
    Leif H. Hansen