Note to Mac Users: Firefox 3.6 BREAKS RescueTime (but you can help!)

Attention Mac RescueTime/Firefox users!

At RescueTime, we’re Mac folk too (well, most of us are). That’s why it was a huge disappointment to us that Mozilla decided to be the only browser in the OSX market to ship without the ability to pull the URL from the current tab (a feature that RescueTime relies on to break your time down by individual site). A lot of applications depend on this functionality– it’s no surprise that this bug is getting plenty of attention in Firefox’s public bug tracker. Want to help? Vote up the issue and help spread the word.

What this means in the short term

If you upgrade (or have upgraded) to Firefox 3.6 (on the Mac only), your browser time will be reported as “Firefox” time rather than broken down by site.

Short term (or long term) alternatives

To not lose this feature you can stick with FF 3.5 or you can change browsers to Chrome or Safari. The RescueTeam has all shifted to Chrome by necessity and we’re really loving it– it’s fast and reliable. Note: if you do switch to Chrome, use the release version and not the dev version.

What we’re doing moving forward

We have a (sub-optimal) workaround that we’re testing— we may release that if testing goes well. We’re investigating other options and are hopeful that Mozilla steps up here.

7 Comments on “Note to Mac Users: Firefox 3.6 BREAKS RescueTime (but you can help!)”

  1. Malcolm says:

    Google Chrome for Mac is not tracking details, either. At least not the dev version (which I use for its extensions).

    Right now I have no way to break out my Internet usage for work versus distraction.

  2. Malcolm says:

    Edit: Just saw the note about the release version. Are there plans to support the dev version any time soon? The release is inferior to Firefox, but Firefox breaks RescueTime… so….


  3. Ryan says:

    Any word on when the dev channel of Chrome for Mac will be supported? I use it because it supports plugins that increase my productivity (ChromeMilk, Adblock, Calendar Popout, Postponer, etc), and at this point, I get a very generic view of my web use from RescueTime.

  4. Phil says:

    I contacted about the very same issue in regards to Chrome… All I got was that they love Chrome and will be supporting it (all of them at the office it use it) and that they would figure out the issue by the end of the week… Last week…

  5. Isaac says:

    Another vote for Chrome DEV channel support.

  6. Dima says:

    Just downloaded Chrome for Mac using your link and Rescuetime is reporting all web-activity as Google Chrome.
    So that workaround doesn’t work.

  7. Joe says:

    For all of you Chrome Dev users – We now have support in our latest RescueTime Beta for the BETA release of Chrome 5.0.307.7 – check out our latest blog post for the info on how to get the Beta RescueTime version.