GoDaddy disables with NO Warning!

Update: as of ~12:20 PM PST site access was restored.

We are not too pleased with GoDaddy right now.

We had the domain set to auto-renew every 2 years. The credit card they had on file was no longer valid (one of the frequent instances where banks randomly send out new credit cards and invalidate old ones to keep ahead fraud).

The amazing thing is that GoDaddy sent the notice that the billing failed at midnight last night. And then promptly parked the domain! No grace period.

All of the domains that we DON’T have set to auto-renew, GoDaddy bombards us with notices. No courtesy note saying, “hey, even though you have 15 domain names that you’ve paid for successfully, this one isn’t auto-renewing successfully– maybe use another card?”.
They just parked the domain.
Given this, I think it is MUCH safer to NOT auto-renew.

We’ve renewed the domain – and are waiting for GoDaddy to re-enable Apologies to folks who are being inconvenienced. All of your data is still there and while is down your tracking data is being stored locally on your computer and will be sent to our servers as soon as we are back up.

Thank you

3 Comments on “GoDaddy disables with NO Warning!”

  1. psycliq says:

    Switch to PairNIC, man. They’re a little more expensive than the likes of GoDaddy ($13/yr if you buy in a 5-year block), but I’ve never once had a problem with them, ever. I keep all my domains for all my projects registered there and will gladly send people their way:

  2. Hilary says:

    Godaddy pulled a similar stunt on me … except that the card in question had about 20 days til it expired (they don’t expire at the first of the month, they expire at the end of the month listed on the card.) The bank hadn’t even sent out my new card yet. My card was treated like it had expired and, like you, the domain name was “parked” with no notice. I ended up paying in a panic on my personal card.

    Complaining to godaddy got me nowhere. I had even talked to my bank about when cards actually expire before I complained. I wanted to know why it had happened and more importantly get it fixed for the future. All I got was the runaround from Godaddy.

    I’m wondering if the same thing actually happened to you. Was the card actually expired or did it have until the end of the month and they treated it like it was expired anyway?

  3. Simon B. says:

    Apparently the site is back up again now.