RescueTime Back to School Special

By popular request, I’m proud to announce that we’ve released a RescueTime package aimed at families with school-aged children. You can check out the tour here. Spoiler alert: it’s really just a version of RescueTime for Teams that we’ve tweaked toward the household environment instead of the office.

Now you can have the power of RescueTime Team Edition in your home. We hope we can help families stay ahead of the game in the escalating war against distractions and internet information overload. You can set goals for spending time on the computer and keep an eye on what sites your kids spend the most time on. We had a rule in our house growing up (hi mom!) about spending an hour doing homework after dinner each school night. Now that so much of homework these days is online or uses the computer, you can use RescueTime to facilitate good work habits or at least make sure those pesky Neopets or Gaia Online games aren’t turning As into Bs or Cs.

So let us know what you think! And then spread the word – we’re offering a 20% back to school discount to start out.