Google Chrome 6 support

We are happy to announce that RescueTime now supports the current Beta versions of Google Chrome 6. You can download the update to RescueTime for Windows or Mac OS X

The main reason that RescueTime was not working with Google Chrome 6 is the removal of the “http://” protocol from the URL location bar. There is a lot of controversy around Google’s decision and it certainly caused us some headaches.

Regardless, we’ve found a way to work around it and all of you bleeding edge browser users should be back up and running!

2 Comments on “Google Chrome 6 support”

  1. Greg Bray says:

    I didn’t even notice that it had stopped working, but the quick response is very appreciated!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Qrystal says:

    I had noticed it stopped working, and was freaking out for a little while before I finally came to my senses and googled to see if you knew about it. I am very happy that you fine folks have fixed it, but I do sort of wish there was an alert to let us know that there was an update and that we should re-download the client.

    Anyways, it looks like the update happened for me on Thursday August 12. So, for my own records, I just set Chrome to have a productivity score of -1 (which should balance the many -2 and several +1 items I usually use Chrome for) and then I used the recalculated scores for my records, which I keep in a spreadsheet that aggregates summary data from RescueTime and BubbleTimer and my daily to-do list progress, among other things. (Overkill? Maybe. It only takes me about a half hour a week to review it all though, so I am okay with this.)