Beta Features Available! Here’s how to enable them

Ok, here goes!

We’re often asked if there was an easy way to share your RescueTime scores with others, just like you can do with fitness apps or runkeeping apps. What we’re working on is our first stab at just that. We’ve added what we’re calling the Heads Up Display bar at the bottom of the page. Here’s what it has (so far!) and what’s coming next:

  • Quick summary of your time today, % distracted, and percentile vs. the world
  • Ability to connect to Facebook and see your rank vs. your friends who are also using RescueTime (and have opted-in themselves)
  • Current bonuses and score for the day – EXPERIMENTAL! Much of this is still incomplete but you can start to get a feel for what we’re doing here.
  • Please remember that these are still very much beta features with some glaring bugs sometimes and some missing parts other times. I really wanted to put it out now though so we can get a lot of feedback from our loyal users to make sure we keep heading in the right direction. With that in mind, please post discussion, feedback, requests, etc. over on our Suggestions board. I’ve set up a topic for the beta features here.

    Oh! I almost forgot! To enable these features you’ll need to go into your settings page and check the box under Product Settings. Thanks, and good luck!