Mobile RescueTime: available for Android

tl;dr – Get mobile time tracking: RescueTime for Android

You’ve been asking to capture the time you spend on your mobile devices– so here it is, RescueTime for Android. We chose Android for our first pass in mobile because of its highly flexible API and ease of iteration in the marketplace, and it has not let us down. Over time we plan further mobile support (I think you know what that means).

Initial focus is on accurate high-level time tracking of the apps you use in Android, and offering simple summary stats feedback. We hope to add layers of detail to the stats it generates. It’s designed to lead seamlessly to and blend into a full RescueTime desktop and laptop experience.

Technically, we take advantage of some nifty core abilities of Android, but we are also using this as an opportunity to begin a new light-weight and simplified HTML5 based phone, tablet, pad, and PC friendly interface for our site, and so the stats summary will also eventually be offered on iOS devices, along with other site-based features.

9 Comments on “Mobile RescueTime: available for Android”

  1. RIUM+ says:

    Shifting away from Flash-based graphs? Fantastic. 😀

  2. Mohamed Essam Mohamed says:

    Great step, really I was waiting for this App, but apps monitored on Mobile are not categorized as apps and sites monitored by Rescuetime PC version, and I have to categorize them by my self 😦

    • Mark Wolgemuth says:

      Hi Mohamed,

      Like other new, unrecognized activities, we need to run some analysis to generate default scores and categories for these. I took a first pass at it last week, but that only covered the apps I use. I’m about to do another pass now that we have a number of users with new activities for me to set defaults for. Sorry this doesn’t help the early adopters much– but our system will take in to account what you have chosen for these activities, so accept our thanks for being part of the improvement you seek 🙂


  3. Mohamed Essam Mohamed says:

    We need a way to distinguish between activities on mobile and PC.

    • Mark Wolgemuth says:

      Thanks for the note. Fortunately, we did think of this in the supporting design, so underneath the system does flag mobile activities differently– we just need to work on the right way to expose that in the reports view, and that is in our plans.

  4. Mark Wolgemuth says:

    Hi folks,

    I’ve pushed an update that adds the critical feature of call log sync. It should percolate out over the next few hours.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  5. John Middleton says:

    Mobile version does not respect hours of day to monitor. I use this only for work hours. Until the app follows the settings I use on desktop, it’s useless to me.

    Note that it also would be nice if I pause for 15 minutes (where’s the 30 minute option?) on the desktop, I want it to pause on my phone too. Thanks!

    • Mark Wolgemuth says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the input. We hope to gradually merge over features from the desktop client to mobile, but demand was strong enough we wanted to get a basic feature set out there as quickly as possible– The simple “pause” on/off toggle had to suffice for now, to limit initial complexity while the product settles.