Mobile RescueTime now with Call Logging

If you have it, get it the update, if you don’t, install it!
RescueTime v1.2 for Android

We’ve just completed a significant update to our Android app, the principle new feature is Call Log syncing. All the calls in your history will be synced up to RescueTime for reporting, and going forward new calls be logged as often as you have updates configured. Also included in this update are some optimizations to reduce chattiness with the server.

PS Due to random Google cache magic some sites / phones may show v1.1 for a few more hours yet. You want v1.2.0 for the update.

2 Comments on “Mobile RescueTime now with Call Logging”

  1. John Middleton says:

    Bug: calls are still tracked in RescueTime, even when Pause Logging is checked. I also have “Send update interval” set to “only when opened”, but that doesn’t keep tracking from occurring either. Only calls are affected – all other activities are not logged.

    • Mark Wolgemuth says:

      Hi John,

      Indeed, that is interesting. This is because the calls are reported via Android’s call log, and so has no awareness of the “tracking” part of the app. I think you are right that this should do it’s best to honor the settings. It gets tricky for events in the past (I’d have to keep a forever log of your pause selections to compare against the call log). I’ll give this some thought to try to come up with a reasonable solution. Thanks for the report.