Measuring Yourself Is Never Easy

The hardest times in life are not when anybody understands you, but rather when you don’t understand yourself. How people fare in life is directly proportional to how they see themselves and judge their habits. Their self-image is a driving force. Do you really know your own body fat and weight? Has it ever occurred to you how much money you’re spending on coffee? How much time do you spend online? Is your online time very effective? The steps to improving one’s lifestyle are not easy, as one would expect anything worth doing. However, there exist some innovative online tools to help provide the information to foster motivation and drive change within an individual.

RescueTime was built with the idea of measuring your online productivity. The automated tracking and management suite of RescueTime is infinitely valuable in today’s modern world, especially with all the distractions amidst daily life for the average person. On average, RescueTime recovers three hours and fifty-four minutes of productive time per week per person. An increase of productivity on this scale would solidify the value of the site in and of itself, but that’s not the half of it. The website gives users an in-depth analysis of their own time management skills through graphs and a variety of other reports. These reports track time spent going through e-mail and time spent on sites like Facebook and Twitter. For example, if you looked at my usage patterns from this past week you see I spend the majority of my time in email, meetings and socially on the Internet – I keep this chart in mind throughout the week so that I can maintain my personal goal of at least 4 highly productive hours during each day.

Another popular tool is This will help keep you up to date and on track with achieving your fitness goals. HealthMonth takes the science of nutrition and combines it with the necessity of exercise to bring a fun new way to stay ambitious about physical conditioning. Be sure to check them out. is the best way to help manage your money. Best of all, it is free. This takes budgeting to the next level. With the option to consolidate bank accounts and financial transactions into a single user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder there are over four million people using the program. You would be surprised how much money can be saved by living a bit more frugally. offers powerful analytic tools to point out valuable ways to conserve money throughout everyday life. Does saving money on coffee really add up to that much? You may be in for a surprise. Because handles such delicate information, the website operates through 128-bit SSL encryption. This is the same security banks use online.

No matter what your goals are, there exist the tools to help bring them to fruition. Progress comes easier than before with services offered by RescueTime, Mint, and HealthMonth.