RescueTime Launches RescueTime Introductions

Hello, RescueTimers!

For years we’ve been known as the company that helps you get better at what you do by helping you be more productive and manage your daily activities. Today we are announcing a new offering underneath the RescueTime umbrella called, RescueTime Introductions.

RescueTime Introductions introduce great people to great companies. We do this by using machine learning pattern matching techniques to find matches of RescueTime customers for open positions at some of the hottest companies hiring today. We base are Introduction engine on “archetypes” – people we know who work at top companies who have the most stringent interview processes around. Patterns that are matched are things like ratio of time spent in productive categories, tools used, industry websites looked at, research done, etc. Things that are not as important – efficiency scores, downtime, distracted time. And, in fact, patterns in those areas can help spot someone who is good but is looking for a new challenge.

How do you get started? It’s super easy.

For existing RescueTime users just log into your account and go to settings and you can opt-in to RescueTime Introductions.

Note: If you have a Team account you are not eligible for this program. 

Opt-In to RescueTime IntroductionsFor new users just sign up to use RescueTime to help manage your tasks, computer use and and daily activities. You can choose RescueTime Solo Lite or Pro

Create Your RescueTime Account

Once you’ve created your account you do not need to do anything else. You can choose to optionally create your Introductions Profile.

Create Your Profile

After you’ve been using your RescueTime account for some time we will crunch your data and compare it to some of the most talented information workers around the globe! If there is a match we will offer to introduce you to some truly amazing companies.

For this program we have partnered with some of the hottest companies hiring today like: DropboxJustinTVSEOmozeBay and Twitter. And we are constantly screening new potential partners, but they gotta be cool and some place with whom we would consider working.

Our Promise to Our RescueTime Users:

1. We will protect your privacy – we won’t reveal anything about you including your name without your permission.
2. You get to decide who you talk to – companies have to go through us to contact you.
3. When talking to companies we will make you stand out. If you had an “off” month, that’s OK. Everyone has them. And, in fact, it could be a sign that you’d be happier somewhere else.

Get Started Today: Simply open a web browser and go to