Join the RescueTime Varsity Team – School definitely has its perks!

Updated: Jan 30, 2012

The Varsity program is no longer available. We sincerely appreciate the interest and excitement around this program at our college campuses. We encourage you to sign up for our RescueTime Solo Lite (Free) or RescueTime Pro products.



Ah the perks of college life!

We want you to use RescueTime Pro for Free. Seriously. We are starting a new campaign targeting college campuses, looking for people who want to improve their time management skills and how they spend their time online. And if using RescueTime not only improves your productivity, but potentially connects you with one of our hiring partners, Netflix, JustinTV, eBay, Cheezburger and Dropbox, who’s to say that doesn’t rock?

Varsity - Free Tools, SWAG and Maybe a Job

Eligibility Requirements

Teachers, students and administrators with email addresses ending in .edu are eligible to join RescueTime’s Varsity Team. Every person that joins Varsity gets the following:

  • 1 year RescueTime Solo PRO ($72 value!)
  • Automatically available for RescueTime Introductions where we make connections with you and some of the top companies hiring on the web today – Netflix, Dropbox, eBay, Cheezburger, others. (
* Note: College alumni are not eligible for this program only active students, professors and administrators.

How to Get Started
  • Register for a Solo Lite or Solo Pro account using your .edu address
  • Tweet or Facebook: “I am a member of the @RescueTime Varsity Team – Join us”
  • Email rescuetime.varsity [at] rescuetime [dot] com from your .edu account requesting that you be upgraded to Varsity.
We are looking for top-tier talent, self starters, early adopters, professors, students and administrators. We want to increase the usage of our RescueTime Solo Pro tools while adding quality folks to the talent pool for our RescueTime Introductions candidates (
* Note: If you are an existing paying user we will bump out your expiration date a full year as a part of this program – just email us.

5 Comments on “Join the RescueTime Varsity Team – School definitely has its perks!”

  1. kanetak says:

    any chance of extending this to students at UK institutes?

  2. Josh says:

    Jason, if I put in my Credit Card info is it going to charge me? or only after 1 year?