RescueTime Mobile v2 – Your feedback + collective brainstorm = Great app

(updated) v2 is now live in the market– blog update coming soon!

RescueTime for Android v2 is here– and it will serve as the template for all our mobile products. Try it out, contact us, and we’ll give you extra free Pro time.


  • Fully re-designed, native interface, works offline too
  • Manual / offline time tracking, fast and easy with voice input
  • Landscape and tablet friendly
  • Home screen is “hang on the wall pretty” productivity meter
  • Tap meter to switch day / week. Long tap for forced refresh (automatic periodically).
  • Send data over wifi only option

Version 1 was a proof-of-concept to show we could bring the same automatic tracking you expect from RescueTime for your computers to your smartphones. We’re happy to bring you version 2 now as a slick, full-featured, easy to use mobile app. Leaving the automatic tracking intact, we’ve overhauled everything else from the ground up with an emphasis on user experience and feature value. Chief among the advancements is simple and easy offline time tracking that can be voice driven.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Call log now honors “pause” status
  • Detail report moved to Android browser, for better scrolling and seamless experience
  • Syncs with your desktop and website RescueTime settings (schedule and offline choice list)
  • Can be re-registered without a re-install if your SIM changes
  • In-app help
  • Tweaks for memory and cpu efficiency
Instructions for beta app install here:
Download the app here:
Let Mark know you’ve installed it for free Pro upgrade / extension.

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Note: the “choose productivity” option in the tracking screens is not yet functional. Everything else is.

5 Comments on “RescueTime Mobile v2 – Your feedback + collective brainstorm = Great app”

  1. Mathieu says:

    Looks great !
    Any plans for an iPhone app ?

    • Mark Wolgemuth says:

      We’re working on an iOS solution of some sort. There are limitations in it not in Android, so we’ll see what’s possible. But V2 Android app is the paradigm for the iOS one.

  2. Mark Wolgemuth says:

    Hey folks, I’ll be regularly updating the beta with fixes and improvements. I’ll try to post here whenever I do. Thanks! Latest update as of this post.

  3. Alex says:

    Hey guys, any plans to target the enterprise users with a BlackBerry version of the App any time soon? Thanks.

    • Mark Wolgemuth says:

      Hi Alex,

      Our next item to tackle is iOS, and after that we can take a look at BlackBerry. Thanks for your input!