Responding to a Love Letter from Simplifilm

We received the nicest love letter from Simplifilm – those guys are the best!

We love the fact that you don’t just exist to make a buck (though we surely hope that that is happening). You measure things and help people improve. That is noble. You share an intimate, sacred trust with some of the best coders, writers, thinkers and doers. We want to get more people to meet you.It’s selfish, but we believe that you could improve the whole country. New government programs–or tax cuts–won’t fix our mess. Productivity will. You make people more productive. We believe that if more people used RescueTime, everything – everywhere – would get better You are so terribly vital to the world that it would be horrible to not see you grow.

It’s been a long time since someone has really impressed me in terms of winning RescueTime’s business. Chris and Jason the founders of Simplifilm took the time to understand our products and how best to evangelize what we do. We look forward to this project and our future partnership! If you’d like to see the whole blog article then go to:

Love Letter from Simplifilm

2 Comments on “Responding to a Love Letter from Simplifilm”

  1. Yes, the world would be a better place if everyone is using “Rescue Time” 🙂 but seriously, this time management too is really helpful, it makes your work flow easier, more organized and stay in focus for the things need to be done.