Featured RescueTimer – Will Lam

We wanted to take this opportunity to start mentioning some of our more outspoken and exciting users and Will and RescueTime have been a match for years now. We sat down and asked him some questions about who he is and see if he can unlock any secrets to productivity and time saving for the rest of our community of users. So follow along for our Questions & Answers.

Featured RescueTimer

Q: Who are you?
A: I’m a coffee snob, personal data nerd, connector, Crossfit nut, and curator of the Toronto Startup Digest.

Q: What do you do?
A: I’m an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Powered by Search and just recently started blogging about one of my passions that ties data, personal analytics to personal development. 🙂

Q: How many hours of RescueTime do you have logged?
A: 5229 at the time of this email

Q: Which version of RescueTime are you using?
A: Latest versions on my Macbook Pro, Windows 7 (at work) and Android app.

Q: Why do you use RescueTime?
A: To find out how I’m spending my time.  I want to ensure how I’m spending my time is used wisely.  I pay you guys (Rescuetime) to make that happen.

Q: Everyone remembers their first computer – what was yours?
A: Ahh.. the memories.. Pentium 133 MHz, with a 2.1 GB Maxtor HDD, 16 MB of RAM, 16 x CD-ROM, 32-bit Soundblaster audiocard and a ATI 3D Xpression 2MB video card. It was the s*** back in the day 🙂 (1996)

Q: Where did you go to College or High School? (if any)
A: Ryerson University, University of Toronto, Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada

Q: What do you listen to while working?
A: Mostly stuff through Doubletwist on my Nexus S.  Other than that, I occasionally use Grooveshark.com.  Most played artists are Justice, Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Zero 7 and The xx

Q: Best advice to Get Shit Done
A: Timebox and attach a deadline to EVERYTHING.  I follow Parkinson’s Law and the 80/20 Principle religiously.  I’m really digging the Pomodoro technique nowadays.  I input all of my todo’s into GTD setup that consists of Due Today and Toodledo.com.  I also mix it with good old pen and paper where I write it down my Most Important Tasks (usually 3 and no more than that) on a Post-It Note.  Oh. And keep on hitting the Focus button via RescueTime 🙂

Q: What other services or applications are you using that you cannot live without?
A: Dropbox, Mint.com, ReadItLater, Daytum.com, Mindmeister, Pulse.me, DueToday/Toodledo, Fitocracy and even though it’s not a service or application – my Moleskine journal

Q: Is there anything else rad we should we should know about you.
A: In a previous lifetime, I was heavy into improvisational theatre but now I just appreciate the art form 🙂

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  1. jingliu says:

    I agree with everything from Get Shit Done except instead of GTD I use ZTD (Zen to Done) by Leo Babauta which is eaiser to adapt.

  2. APK says:

    My two cents: You’re a business, and cuss language in a post such as this is in poor form and shows disrespect for both current and potential clients.