Welcome Wakoopa Social Users

2012-08-12: Import your Wakoopa data to RescueTime

Dear Wakoopa Social Users,

We wanted to take this time to introduce ourselves as a potential home for previous Wakoopa Social users. When we launched RescueTime in 2007, we hadn’t yet been aware of the work Wakoopa was doing.  We learned about Wakoopa soon after launching, and we’ve always viewed Wakoopa as kindred spirits in the domain of personal analytics.

We are saddened to hear that Wakoopa has shutdown their Wakoopa Social product – Wakoopa Social Shuts Down but we were happy to hear that they are making data exports available to all users.  We are currently working on our Wakoopa data importer tool, and will have that ready for use by next week.

We ask that you take 30 seconds to watch this video and if this sounds like RescueTime may be a great way to jumpstart your new relationship with your time, we will work to make the transition as easy as possible.

Click Here to signup for RescueTime

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Joe Hruska, CEO  & Co-Founder – RescueTime

5 Comments on “Welcome Wakoopa Social Users”

  1. I’m excited to try out this tool when it’s ready, and I’m glad you guys are here to catch us poor Wakoopa users left in the dark.

  2. Zagorath says:

    I must say I quite like the look of the free version of RescueTime: it seems to have most of the same tracking features as Wakoopa did.

    My only question is whether it has the same social interactivity as Wakoopa used to? From what I’ve looked at, it doesn’t seem to. That, for me, was the best bit of Wakoopa. Seeing different users describe, rate, submit screenshots, etc. for all the different applications and websites.

  3. RJ says:

    Is it ready yet?