Import your Wakoopa data to RescueTime

Hi folks,

We’ve just released a tool that lets you send your Wakoopa data export to RescueTime for processing in to your account.

Wakoopa users: signup with 30% off and import your Wakoopa history.

The uploader is made available from the “product” section of the “account” screen of settings on our site, here is a direct link: Import time logs from other services [here]. You can upload the plain export file, or you can compress it with gzip or zip first. Here is Wakoopa’s blog post concerning their timeline:, consult the email they sent you for instructions on getting your export. If we can get a copy of these instructions we will add the info here as well.

There are 4 steps to import:

  1. Make a discounted RescueTime account (2 weeks before any charge, downgrade anytime)
  2. Upload your import file
  3. Convert the data
  4. Import the time to your RescueTime account

If there’s any problem, contact us!


Import Tool

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