Introducing time management in real time: RescueTime for Chrome and Firefox

Keeping track of how you are spending your time is great, but if it takes too long to track down your productivity stats, it can become a distraction on it’s own. We wanted a way to effortlessly record how we are spending our days in a way that we could easily access with a single click. So, we built RescueTime for Chrome and Firefox.

This new browser extension brings our full time-management app into your browser, and gives you a more “live” interaction with your activities as they unfold – feeding you current stats about the site you have open, as well as information about your entire day.


  • Easily see how much total time you’ve spent online today
  • Compare that time to your average over the past two weeks
  • Understand how productive your time has been.
  • See how long you’ve been on the current website (or other sites similar to the current website)
  • Works with a new or existing RescueTime account


You can use the same account to track time across multiple browsers (on multiple computers, even). If you’ve got the RescueTime desktop application installed, all of your computer time will be reflected in the graphs. Just make sure you have the “I already have RescueTime on this computer” setting checked in the browser plugin.

We think it’s a great addition to the RescueTime family. We hope you’ll get as much out of it as we have.

Get RescueTime for your Web Browser today.