Productivity in the Workplace – Help My Brain is Full!

As an engineer and a marketer, I’m in a unique position. I use my right-brain to develop creative ideas, but I’m left-brain dominate. This dominance is responsible for my need (not a want) to track EVERYTHING – especially my tasks. And as an engineer, I don’t just create lists, I create elaborate excel spreadsheets.

Over my +15 years as a marketer, I’ve used my need to stay on top of things to create my own personalized task management system. And so far, so good. My productivity system has worked great! I use my calendar to send myself daily reminders and I used my sent emails to track what others owe me. But, recently I’ve wondered if my productivity in the workplace is as high as I believe it is.

I’ve read some great articles on time management that have made some great recommendations including a top twelve time management list and 5 tips that I need to know to improve my time management. These all include great recommendations, but I (humbly) consider myself an advance student of time management. It’s my thing. What I’m know for. But I’ll be honest, my system for keeping up with my productivity in the workplace is just that, my system. It uses a hodgepodge of programs that in itself, takes time to manage. And my brain is full! I don’t think one more item can fit up there, so having a system that will help me easily track my tasks to improve my productivity in the workplace is just what I’m looking for. And I’ve searched high and low for something that will work for me, anything that will help.

About a month ago, my agency started working with RescueTime. RescueTime has developed a product that will help anyone track and improve their productivity through effective time management. And I’ve decided that I’m going to give it a whirl.  I want to determine if my productivity system really works. So here I go. In my next blog, I’ll give you an update on my progress – good or bad. My fingers are crossed for good news!