New! Display your RescueTime stats on your Geckoboard dashboard


We think RescueTime’s metrics are pretty valuable on their own, but when you put them next to stats from other systems, they get even better. That’s why were excited to announce our new integration with Geckoboard. Geckoboard lets you easily create customized dashboards that bring together metrics from a variety of sources, so you can keep a finger on the pulse of your business (or your personal life).

We worked with the Geckoboard team, and their excellent Developer Platform to create four widgets:

Your Daily Productivity Score – Show your RescueTime productivity score for the current day, see how it changes over time.

Today’s goals – See the current status of your RescueTime goals for today.

Time per category by day – See the time spent in a specific category by day over the past month.

Compare Two Categories Over Time – Compare time spent in two different categories over the past 30 days.

This opens up some pretty interesting possibilities to juxtapose different data sources. For example, here’s what my personal dashboard looks like:


In a single view, I can easily: monitor my Twitter mentions, see the state of my inbox, keep an eye on a weight-loss goal I set up with Beeminder, track my steps and floors climbed while wearing my Fitbit, and keep tabs on my time spent on the computer. By having all the data in one place, some interesting things jump out. For instance, today I’m not being terribly productive on the computer, and I can see that I’m in danger of falling off my Beeminder goal, so perhaps I should take a break and go to the gym? But then again, I see that I’m not spending as much time as I’d like on software development, so maybe I should just buckle down on that instead? Decisions, decisions. But now that I can see everything in one place, the tradeoffs are much clearer.

Similarly, here’s a look at our Team Dashboard: (Note: For managers with a RescueTime Team account, the metrics will be an aggregate rollup for all members of your team.)


This lets us keep an eye on more ‘system health’ metrics for our entire team. How’s traffic on the website? What are people saying about us on social networks? How productive are we being? We also included a graph comparing our overall time spent on software development to time spent in communications and chat (which is a ratio we’re constantly working on improving).

We’re really happy with how these widgets turned out, and are looking for ways to add even more in the future.

Read more about this over on the Geckoboard blog.

If you don’t yet have a RescueTime account, but would like to see your time on your Geckoboard dashboard, click here to sign up.