It’s now easier to understand your time with the updated RescueTime weekly email

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been testing some new designs for our weekly summary email reports. We wanted to streamline the information a bit and provide more context around how you were spending your time. After several iterations, we’ve arrived at a version that we’re pretty happy with (and hope you will be, too!)

RescueTime weekly summary email

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in this update:

You can see how your time has changed compared to the week before.


We really wanted to make it easier for people to understand what has changed for them over the past week? Was there a spike in productivity? Did you work extra-long hours this week? We now compare the total time logged, productivity score, and goals to the corresponding values for the week before last.

Get more details about when you are the most productive. (Pro users only)


It’s great to know what your average productivity is, but now you also see some extra details. You can see your most productive day, as well as the most productive time period. These are currently limited to our Pro customers only since some of the calculations are a bit heavy. Free users can still get this information, but they’ll have to click thorough to the website to view it on their dashboard.

Goals display has been re-worked.


If you are tracking your time towards specific goals, they have been given a visual refresh. It now should be easier to understand, at a glance, whether or not you’re meeting your goals. If you’ve missed them, you can see how close you came. For pro users, you can also see how this week’s effort compared to the previous week.

You can learn more about the weekly summary email here.

We’d love your feedback. What do you think of the new email design?

4 Comments on “It’s now easier to understand your time with the updated RescueTime weekly email”

  1. Cool. I like the progress reports a lot.

  2. N says:

    Fantastic! Attractive, Modern, Easy to Read.
    Please make the dashboard like this, it looks dated

    • Robby Macdonell says:

      Thanks! Glad you like it! Good point about the dashboard, we’re working on an updated version of it right now. Hope to have something out shortly!