Beautiful quantified art from surfing and skateboard data

Quantified art generated by surfing!

Quantified art generated by surfing!

A few weeks ago we looked at several beautiful things you can do with your personal self-tracking data. Here’s another great example. Vincent Boyce is an artist, surfer and skateboarder. He’s created a system of sensors that records the kinetic data from his surf and skate sessions, then translates it into beautiful abstract compositions. The results are fantastic, even though the visualization totally obscures any information in the data. As someone who spent the better part of his childhood on a skateboard, I’m totally jealous and really interested to see what other types of visualizations he comes up with.  You can see the full gallery here.

Here he is explaining the project at a recent NYC Quantified Self meetup.

For some more visualizations of board sports data, check out the Skataviz and AntiMap projects.

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  1. p4ulsincl4ir says:

    Awesome!, I love the idea.