RescueTime users with Twitter logins: Sorry, likely you need to reset login

Due to a confluence of events, centered on the revocation of the V1 api integration at Twitter among other things, we’ve to reset our credentials and Twitter login information.

This means that users logging in to RescueTime will need to reset their Twitter auth link to us.

Note: users who already have / know a local RescueTime password for login skip steps 1-3!

Here are the current steps (we may be able to make this easier in a few days):

  1. Logout of RescueTime:
  2. Go to the forgot password tool:
  3. Enter your account’s email address there, and follow the steps to reset password
  4. Login with your email address and password to
  5. Go to “settings” (top right), “sign in services” tab: Sign In Services
  6. Remove any existing Twitter entry
  7. Add Twitter back– then you are all set to use Twitter to login in again, and you don’t need that password anymore

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